Leading Digital Asset Investment Bank

Brink Asset

Brink Asset is a full-field professional digital asset investment bank focusing on the investment and project incubation. The company is committed to search quality projects and to help solve major issues for global customers. Brink Asset has successfully served a lot of projects such as TNB, RUFF, AIDOC, CWV, INT, XMX, DACC and others in different fields that including loT, Big Data and Security projects, etc.

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Roy Li / Founder

Brink Asset Founder Famous Network Expert Ruff China Founder MSE Visiting Scholar of Fudan University Previous Nokia OVI Technological Director

Grace Fan / CEO

CEO and Partner Consensus Capital Partner CWV,DACC,SECC Investment Adviser Ruff BD Manager Continuous Network Entrepreneur

Binhua Wang / CMO

CMO and Partner Dealuse CMO and Partner


International Cooperation

Leading data and advanced algorithms in the industry.

L2 data covers over 30 platforms.

More than 10 employees graduated from famous universities such as STANFORD HARVARD, MIT, COLUMBIA . Their average academic attainment is doctorate.

Domestic Cooperation

Team members formed by senior executives from top security and fund firms.

First Chinese generation of security traders

Over 20 years investment and trading experience in secondary market

Over 20 years futures trading experience

Massive mature and comprehensive strategic model.